Zinkpè . Metamorphoses

Zinkpè’s work has been part of the contemporary cultural world for over a decade, and it has gained its rightful place therein through the sheer force of his “metamorphoses”.

The body of painted work by Zinkpè repeatedly stages slightly wild looking figures created in the famous secret drawings.

Genre scenes, battles, even “courting” scenes, take shape gradually and give these gods from alien worlds an almost human quality.  They touch each other, talk to each other, quarrel, mate… and then suddenly they start to resemble us. Anchored deep within us, they are us. Thus painting becomes a reflection of the world, but a distorted reflection, grimacing at itself, smoking like an Aztec mirror. There is no uncertainty in the canvas, figures rub up against each other, they make love to each other and devour each other in a living magical space, warm as a woman’s body. Faces are masks, living and grimacing.

The visible signs left by Zinkpè’s work enable the exploration of a fascinating inner landscape. Going through his paintings and drawings, we are taken on a haunting journey among human and animal spirits, immersed into the heart of a troubling atmosphere mixing worldly and mystical experiences. Enchanted figures that burst forth from his pieces lead the viewer into a universe that is both familiar and alien, attractive and repulsive.

Metamorphoses highlights the notion of transformation, mutation and metamorphosis, palpable throughout Zinkpè’s work, in the subjects he draws his inspiration from, in the figures he represents, or, through the larger prism of his working media (sculpture, drawing, painting, installation).



3 languages: French – English – Dutch
Format: 22 x 26,5 cm
Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-2-930611-02-0
Catalogue: 30 EUR