Pierre Amrouche . Juste au Corps . Fine Art Publishing 2011

“The body transcends all ideas of beauty”. Along these lines Pierre Amrouche started a photographic work entitled Juste au Corps in Lomé in 2005. His intention was to capture the body of Women and universalize it in black and white silver prints.

Pierre Amrouche has been a photographer, a writer and a poet for many years and originated Juste au Corps from one root question: “Do you believe there is such a thing as the First Woman?” “Corps de Dames” (Ladies’ bodies) by French painter Jean Dubuffet and Yoruba belly masks have come together to inspire Pierre Amrouche with these busts of naked women.

The contrast between this diverse beauty and the markings of life on their bodies is reflected in a structure that combines meticulousness and sensuality. These living statues show themselves in four emblematic postures: arms pinned to the sides, arms underneath the bosom, hands on the nape of the neck and hands crossed over the pubic mound, like so many acephalous models.



3 languages : French – English – Dutch
Format : 22 x 26,5 cm
Pages : 168
ISBN : 978-2-930611-03-7
Normal edition : 30 EUR
Limited edition, numbered 1 to 50,
with a photo printing signed and numbered by the artist : 80 EUR